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Association’s Purpose

The Italian Society of Hair Science and Restoration (Società Italiana di Tricologia) has been established as a non-profit Scientific Medical Association with no political association whose purpose is to establish Trichology as a Scientific Branch in the Medical field as well as in the field of Humanistic Culture. We are the largest European Association of Trichology.

S.I.Tri.® (or SITri®) is the officially registered trademark and registered abbreviation for the Società Italiana di Trigologia (Italian Society of Hair Science and Restoration).



Our Mission

The objectives of the Italian Society of Hair Science and Restoration are to keep our users, operators and doctors informed and to defend them from misleading information and fraud in the field of trichology.

We aim to do this through continually developing initiatives, primarily these below:

  • Promote scientific research of the pathologies and physiology of hair, body hair and scalp.
  • Promote progress in the the field of trichology through education.
  • Define reference protocols for research, clinics and labs, as well for therapy for hair loss and diseases of the scalp.
  • Verify the efficacy and rationale of trichological therapies proposed by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
  • Verify the quality, rationale and harmlessness of products offered by the trichologic-cosmetic industry.
  • Seek coordination between the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical-cosmetic industry to obtain a scientific rationale for the sector as a whole.
  • Compare and contrast the scientific activities regarding trichology of Associations that are culturally similar.
  • Provide members with a true point of reference and scientific support in their daily activities.
  • Publish current scientific findings made in the field of trichology in Italy and other parts of the world so as to keep Members, Patients and others interested in the field up to date with the latest news.
  • Keep Members, Patients and Society at large aware of fraudulent information within the trichology sector.

The Italian Society of Hair Science and Restoration is exclusively financed through membership fees and journal subscriptions.

Our journals and website do not include publicity or information for which we have been “paid for” or that has been “inspired” by pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies nor are we associated with any political or financial groups.

Our work and articles can be reproduced and are available to all as long as they are attributed to the author and are not used for commercial or publicity purposes.


S.I.Tri. Statute

The S.I.Tri. Statute states that members may join the association only by direct invitation from the President or by a Member. The Statute requires that all Members commit, according to his or her ability, to the study of Trichology (through active research and/or passive learning). The Statute requires that all Members commit to placing the “logo” S.I.Tri. next to their names in any future publication or conference presentation relating to Trichologia. Members are expected to pay annual dues of €100.00, an amount which was decided in the first meeting.


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Training Courses

The Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration organizes various Training Courses both on-line and in-person.

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S.I.Tri. - The Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration organizes Scientific Conferences twice a year.

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FUE - Follicular Unit Excision

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Follicular Unit Excision

GENEVA, IL. – March 6, 2018. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) announced today that it is updating the terminology of the hair transplantation method known as FUE from Follicular Unit Extraction to Follicular Unit Excision. This change is driven by the need to emphasize the actual surgical aspect of the procedure, especially among patients in countries where the term “extraction” has non-surgical implications, and has already received worldwide support and acceptance from hair restoration surgeons.

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Guidelines for those who work in the field of Trichology

For the people how work in the field of Hair Science

Protocols of Behaviour in Hair Science

Among us are some respected members who believe that Trichology is a subfield of Dermatology and hence there can be no other kind of professional figure who can work in this field other than a Medical Doctor of Dermatology. However a respectable opinion this may be, it seems to us that this idea has been superseded by the reality of modern times and that most of us today believe there are professionals with specific skills who can contribute to the field of Trichology such as...

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