43rd Conference of S.I.Tri. – Naples, 14-15-16 April 2018
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43rd Conference of S.I.Tri. – Naples, 14-15-16 April 2018

Held in the beautiful surroundings of the Diocesano Museum of Naples, the medieval church of Donnaregina Vecchio and the Donnaregina Nuova church from the 1600s, the 43rd Conference of the Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration (S.I.Tri) was presented on April 14th and 15th, 2018.  On April 16th, the 4th Conference of TricoItalia was held. The Conferences were a great success where recent developments in the field of Trichology were presented by speakers highly regarded in the sector.

Opening the Meeting on Saturday afternoon were Professor Andrea Marliani and Professor Paolo Giglio who spoke, respectively, on Telogen Effluvium Therapy and Galenic Therapy in Tricology.

The following Sunday, many papers were presented concerning interesting medical and surgical cases in regards to baldness and new developments in Trichology, Trichoscopy and Surgery. In addition there were numerous videos presented on Trichological Surgery.

Particular attention was given to Professor Giovanni Brotzu’s paper entitled: “Liposomial solution containing DGLA, Equolo and Carnitene for the treatment of adrogenetic alopecia”, presented on April 14th.  Prof. Brotzu showed the results obtained with his formulation which was followed by great interest and discussion.

Sunday, April 15th, Prof. Ettore Novellino, Director of the Pharmaceutical Department at the University Federico II, presented the results of experimentation with preclinical and clinical use of a new nutraceutical formulation (AMS) based on Melannurca Campana IGP.

The presenters who then followed on the stage demonstrated the level of Italian Trichology, which we can define as one of the most representative in the worldwide panorama of Trichology. Among the presenters were: Flavio Grasso, Andrea Pastore, Silvia Cianchi, Roberto d’Ovidio, Michela Zazzaron, Massimo Gabellini, Elisabetta Fulgione, Antonio Soverina, Fiorella Bini, Nicolò Rivetti, Roberto Fronte, Stefano Ospitali, Daniele Campo, Elisabetta Bianchi, Giusy Giambertone.

Many new developments in the field of Trichology were revealed.

The Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration will be dedicating itself in the coming months to evaluating these new proposals to be able to understand their true place in the field as well as their efficacy.

On the topic of Trichological Surgery there were speakers of great prestige in the field: Piero Tesauro, Marco Toscani, Michele Roberto, Franco Buttafarro, Vincenzo Gambino, Chiara Insalaco, Vincenzo Masullo, Luca De Fazio, Antonio Pistorale, Ciro De Sio.  The presentations showed the most recent results obtained through surgery for baldness.

The 4th Conference of TricoItalia held on Monday April 16th in the Diocesano Museum complex also had great success.  In January of 2018, TricoItalia became an autonomous association, separate from S.I.Tri, with the name Italian Association of Trichology, dedicated to Biologists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Chemists, Technicians, Hairstylists, Estheticians, and Operators in the field both with University degrees and without.  Many topics were presented during the conference regarding Cosmetology and Trichology, natural Treatments for hair and scalp care. Diego Bellomo and Gianluigi Antognini are the first Coordinators of the new TricoItalia Association.

Unfortunately in the field of Trichology, a standardized approach towards patient care is missing as are the professional protocols relating to how cures and therapies for patients are to be monitored, a topic that our Association is working on. To clear this hurdle, the Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration is promoting an Online High Level Course on Trichology that is open to everyone. Find out more on our website: https://formazione.sitri.it/

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14 - 15 -16 Aprile 2018
Museo Diocesano Napoli