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TricoItalia – the Italian Association of Trichology is an association dedicated to Technicians, Biologists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Chemists, Hair Stylists without University degrees and Estheticians who work in the field of Trichology.

TricoItalia® has been the (registered) name for many years of the didactic-scientific sector of the Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration (S.I.Tri) where “Enthusiasts without University degrees” and “Estheticians” in the field of Trichology could be members.

In January 2018 TricoItalia became a separate entity from S.I.Tri. and is now an independent association called:  Italian Association of Trichology, dedicated not only to doctors but also Biologists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Chemists, Hair Stylists, Enthusiasts without University degrees and Estheticians who work in the field of Trichology.


TricoItalia’s objectives are:

  • Provide members with a secure point of reference as well as technical and scientific support for their daily activities in the field.
  • Publish news updates current in Italy and worldwide in the field of trichology to keep members informed of the latest information and discoveries provided by other members, enthusiasts in the field and patients.
  • Inform and defend members and operators from misleading information and fraud in the field of trichology.
  • Promote advances in the field of “TRICHOLOGY” also through teaching.

TricoItalia aims to bring together all those involved in Trichology in Italy and to train and teach, through training courses and dedicated conferences, how to work in this field through using the specific skills without infringing upon the duties that are reserved for the Medical Trichologists.


TricoItalia Coordinators – Italian Association of Trichology

Diego Bellomo

Owner of “BELLOMO PARRUCCHIERI” Salon.  Since the 80s, he has been a consultant in the field of Trichology. On December 14, 2015, he graduated from the Advanced Training Course in Trichology.  In 1981, after six years as a student, he became an instructor of hairstyling at the ANAM school in Pordenone and since 2000 he has trained hairstylists at the IAL training center in Pordenone.  He has collaborated with Dr. Salin Marino and Prof. Dr. Andrea Marliani since 2000 in organizing conference days dedicated to Trichology and Microscopy. In 2005 he received his diploma as a cinematographic make-up artist.




Gianluigi Antognini

Having graduated with a degree in Economics and Commerce in 2005, Gianluigi specialized in the management of trichologist doctors.  Since 2009 he has done technical training with the most important proponents of Polarized Light Microscopy, gaining extensive experience through his work with over 3000 microscopy slides. He is a docent for “Microscopy in the Advanced Training Course in Trichology” and a technician in the “Masters in Trichological Sciences” at the University of Medicine in Florence.


The main activities of TricoItalia are:


TricoItalia organizes Conferences twice a year which are dedicated to those who, though not doctors, work in the field of Trichology, including Pharmacists, Biologists, Chemists, Technicians without University degrees, Hairstylists, etc. These Conferences focus on the state of the art of Trichology, presenting the latest innovations that emerge in the sector. The Conference takes place in the Spring and Fall in different locations. Usually the Conference is held on the Monday that follows the S.I.Tri. Conference (the Italian Society of Hair Science and Restoration).

Training Courses:

TricoItalia organizes various Training Courses in Trichology both on-line and in the classroom.

Advanced Training Courses in Trichology On-Line:

An on-line course that allows for home study. This course is not sponsored by any company.  Upon completion, a Certificate of Course Completion will be issued by S.I.Tri.

The course is continuous and is proposed as training for acquiring and updating knowledge and expertise specific to the Trichology field.

Among the topics in the course are: History of Trichology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathologies of the Scalp, Trichological Microscopy, Hair Restoration Surgery and Cosmetology.


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Practical Course in Trichological Microscopy:

Corso di Microscopia in Luce Polarizzata

This course aims to teach how to use Polarized Light Microscopy.

This instrument provides valuable information regarding the hair’s structure and cycle, contributing to the comprehension of the numerous congenital and acquired conditions.

The course consists of 16 hours of training over 2 days where the participants can practice using the microscope as guided by the Docents. The course begins with a brief introduction regarding the theory, then passes quickly to the hands-on practice.


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